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Digital Removal Survey Pros and Cons of every moving company

Go to the online quote via video call, when you talk to the removal specialist is able to make a list on the interview and conduct a thorough assessment of the situation of the house from which your goods are taken. This allows me to give me a fair price and determine how much is needed for the relocation and if there are any items that require expert attention. For example, a piano or other large object in your home.

It is also possible to conduct your own survey without the help of a moving company, basic questions are sent to help you assess the size of the move, such as a list of your belongings in the property, but will you always give the exact number of items and will you describe your situation well? (Inconsistent description of the situation can significantly raise the cost of the entire removal) After all, you are not an expert in this field and that's why we are here to help.

The process is that the homeowner conducts his own pre-move survey by talking to a representative of the moving company via a video link on a smartphone or tablet.

Our expert talks freely with the person moving around his home, and all items that need to be transported will be recorded on a detailed list.

The key benefit is that both parties can communicate while the process is running.

The best thing about this technology is to make sure what things and how big your property is, what access to it is, whether we can put a truck next to the property being carried out, this information makes the whole process very easy.

This saves time and increases flexibility for both the moving company and the client.

Less chance of a mistake than with a traditional self-survey.

In-house surveys are nothing new to the removals industry, but one of the biggest criticisms of owners compiling their own inventories before moving in is the margin of error and the extent of discrepancy.

When the self-esteem does not match what actually needs to be removed, it works to the detriment of the moving company that is not fully prepared, as well as the homeowner who may be forced to pay more than he expected.

This causes unnecessary stress for the customer and for the company that carries out the removal service.

Due to the presence of a trained person via a video link, the new technology tries to minimize the frequency of this scenario.

A more convenient process for removals and people

Pre-move surveys, which are carried out digitally, are more convenient for the specialist who does not need to travel (extra cost included in the move) to do what is usually quite quick, and for the operator who can book a survey to be prepared at once that suits them.

The digital survey is more engaging, it allows the homeowner to be more involved in the process. Since the carrying company needs to actively guide professionals around the property while explaining what the removal requires, there is an argument that a more thorough survey could be conducted than if the owner did it himself or left a visiting surveyor to do it.

Some people may not feel comfortable with this method of pricing because of the camera, sometimes it may waste our time, but don't worry, we can always come in person, fill out the transport list and send the full quote via any messenger.

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