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Are you moving soon? Six points for a better move for you and for the moving company.

1. ​You add extra furniture on the day of the move which wasn’t there when they did their initial survey. Don’t purchase a new sofa or bed prior to the move and expect the removals firm to have space in their lorry to move it as well as your old sofa. Packing a whole household into a lorry takes enormous skill – think of it like heavyweight Tetris in 3D. Do not be surprised if your additional furniture requires an extra van, and therefore, extra payment.

2. You didn’t show them the loft or shed whose contents you also want moving. Yes, your initial quote will be cheaper if you don’t move the contents of your loft or shed, but as with point 1, the removals firm needs to be fully prepared and know the volume of goods to be moved so they can provide the appropriate sized lorry.

3. You haven’t packed as you promised you would. Packing can take us mere mortals days. Grabbing old newspapers, gathering used banana boxes from the supermarket and sorting as you go along. It all takes days so leave yourself plenty of time. If you haven’t managed to pack everything within a day or so of the move, tell the removals firm. They should be able to send a packer to finish this off. You will be amazed to see how quickly a professional packer can whip through a house with the right products and techniques. We would recommend professional packers every time.

4. You have pets and children wandering around tripping them up. For everyone’s safety, keep the kids, dogs and cats out of the way. The removals men will be carrying heavy furniture and boxes into their lorries and cannot always see their feet to see what may be underneath them. Ask a friend or relative to have your children or dog. The cat can go into a cat basket to keep it safe from the hurly burly.

5. The keys are not released, and the removals firm has to wait in their vans into the evening before they can unload. This is something that you may not have control over, especially since the introduction of late CHAPS payments which means a move may not complete until after 3pm when it is suddenly all systems go. We advise you to read your removals contract in advance so you know whether the firm will be charging extra for out of hours or will even down tools to return the following day. It is not a great situation, but often beyond everyone’s control so keep calm and work together for the best outcome

6. You haven’t defrosted or emptied your freezer or fridge. If your move is more than 4 hours, your food will defrost. Remember that fridges and freezers need to stand for a while before being switched on at the destination, so the defrosting continues. A fridge with lose food will not only be heavier but the food will most likely be damaged by the simply act of moving the unit. A frosty freezer will slowly leak in the removals lorry during the journey, with the possibility of damaging your boxes and furniture, so de-frosted is best for everyone.


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