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At 22m3, the Low-Floor Luton offers the greatest body capacity in the Peugeot Boxer

We get a lot of inquiries about whether your apartment or house will fit in one large van. In this post I will try to answer the questions.

Luton Van

Also referred to as a 3.5 Tonne Luton Van, this vehicle is another popular one. Despite the fact their loading capacity is not that much larger than the LWB van (approximately 550 cubic feet), Luton vans are often preferable because they often have a tail lift, they’re narrow so easy manoeuvrable around narrow streets ), and because the wheel arches don’t poke into the storage area which makes packing boxes much easier.

No wonder why this 3.5 tonne Luton van is the most widely used for any big removals project. It can fit a lot of stuff. Using the same measurements and technique as with the Transit van, we can now easily measure how big a Luton van is and its cargo capacity.

  • Around 378 medium boxes

  • 147 normal large moving boxes

  • Approximately 48 wardrobe boxes

Just for reference, here is also a list of household items that can fit together and give you a good example of the Luton van capacity in cubic metres:

  1. A two-seater sofa

  2. An armchair

  3. A double bed

  4. A single bed

  5. Cot

  6. Fridge/Freezer

  7. Washing machine

  8. Microwave

  9. 1 dining table

  10. 4 chairs

  11. A lamp

  12. Coffee table

  13. Desk

  14. Wardrobe

  15. Around 5 suitcases

  16. A 48inch TV

  17. Iron board

  18. Chest of drawers

  19. Vacuum

  20. 35 medium boxes

If you are not sure, write to us and we will try to help you as best as possible during the free quote www.edkowalskiremovals.com/get-quote


  • Seating Capacity inc. Driver 3 Seats

  • Tail Lift No

  • Side Loading Door No

  • Internal Load Length 4100mm

  • Internal Load Height 2430mm

  • Internal Load width 1920mm

  • Rear door opening load height 4100mm

  • Overall Height 3200mm

  • Overall Length 6580mm

  • Overall Width 1993mm

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