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We offer professional help in a form of house removals and clearances, as well as man and van operations

friendly and safe

We offer three distinct possibilities when it comes to our services: clearances, removals and man and van operations. The first one is a whole package – we will help you get rid of unwanted things and move other items safely into the new location.


Choosing the second option will cover our team moving all the items to your new home without taking care of the ones that need to be disposed of. The last option, man and van, is a joint effort, where our employees are teaming up with you during all steps of the process. It is a budget option for those who want to save some money and don’t mind helping out with packing and lifting heavy stuff

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House Removals/Man and Van

not as easy as they seem

Moving to a new place is not as easy as it seems, especially after considering the sheer amount of possessions belonging to each family member. For this reason, and a couple of others, it is highly advised to get the professional help of a company that has seen and done it all


First and foremost, clearances and removals require careful planning, otherwise the whole operation will plunge into chaos. The next important step is to pack the material belongings in a way which allows for maximum efficiency. Our team is proficient in making sure that all the boxes (which are also available in our offer) are packed to the brim, with fragile items properly secured

Exeter removals sevon

Where can we go?

If you are interested in helping with the removal in England, Scotland, Wales or other European countries, give us a call!

Feel free to contact us in order to set a date or ask us any questions you may have regarding our services – including house clearances, house removals and man and van operations Ed Kowalski Removals Exeter

removals exeter, man and van exeter
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